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Baby Dwarf Rabbit 7 week to 9 week old

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Dwarf Rabbits for sale in UK | 45 used Dwarf Rabbits



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What Is a Dwarf Rabbit?

Dwarf rabbits are small rabbits with eyes and heads that are big compared to the rest of their body. This makes them look like baby rabbits when they grow up as well as well as when they are young, something most people find very cute. Standard dwarf rabbits weigh up to 1.4 kilograms (approximately 3 pounds).Being quiet and calm, dwarf bunnies can be friendly pets. They are good for families as well as for children. … The size of dwarf bunnies is another advantage of keeping them in the house. While they possess all the charms and cuteness of larger rabbit breeds, they are easier to handle and care for.

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