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Product Description

– Square Small Bird Cage with Open Top Feature with baked non-toxic coating which is guaranteed safe for the bird.

– The bird cage comes with 2 clear plastic feeders with lid that can stop most of the mess.

– The bird cage comes with two wood perches (one for inside the cage, the other one is for the open top)

– The bird cage comes with pull-out tray that is easy to clean.

– The bird cage comes with wire bottom grate that can isolate the bird with the mess on the bottom of the tray.

– The small bird cage is suitable for small bird such as finch, canary, sisken, budgie, parakeet, lovebird, parrotlet, etc.

Product Specification

– Cage Dimensions: 17.5″L X 13.5″W X 21″H

– Bar Spacing: 11mm (<1/2″)

– Bar Thickness: 2mm


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