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Nekton Desi Natural Spray Disinfectant 550ml/ 18.6oz

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NEKTON-Desi-Natural is a tried and tested effective solution. NEKTON-Desi-Natural can be used in animal enclosures, troughs or transport boxes for quick disinfection in order to avoid infections and illnesses. NEKTON-Desi-Natural is ideal for increasing hygiene standards, e. g. for contaminated surfaces.

  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – the product was formed using the process of membrane cell electrolysis of saline solution and water and was specially developed for animal applications.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – is an effective quick disinfectant.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – has a shelf life of up to 24 months.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – the ingredients and compositions have been optimised to make it easy to use and to maximise efficiency.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – does not irritate the skin and is non-allergenic.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – is 100% biodegradable.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – is a highly effective disinfectant that uses a pure natural active ingredient that is adapted to the function of the human immune system.
  • NEKTON-Desi-Natural – is free from solvents or alcohol, aldehyde or colouring agents, fragrances or preservatives.

Method Of Application : Spray NEKTON-Desi-Natural generously on all surfaces and let it soak in for 15 minutes. Do not wipe or rinse. All treated surfaces can then be used safely.


Advantages :
Free from alcohol, colouring agents, preservatives and solvents
Ready for use, storable – lasts up to 24 months
Does not irritate the skin
Does not require any safety measures when used
Safe for the environment
No development of resistances



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